Date(s) - Friday 20th of March (20/03/2020)
All Day

The RDI Hub, Killorglin Kerry

About this Event

This event is postponed. Date and time TBC

The Task has been set and we want to put Kerry on the Global Design Map! Interested?

The K design Jam is a fun, creative and dynamic experience which brings together teams of people with all kinds of different skills and talents. Over just one special weekend teams develop and prototype completely new services, products or initiatives inspired by a shared theme. At the end of the Jam, their collection of brand new insights and prototypes will be published to the world

Who gets involved in Jams?

People who have taken part in Jams include parents, designers, students, charity workers, business people, grandparents, public sector officers, academics, artists and more

Why do people take part?

It’s a really different kind of experience. You’ll meet new people, maybe people who do things that you’ve never heard of, or that you never thought you’d meet. You will learn more about a design-based and approach to problems, You will pick up a load of new ideas and work practices. Your work and ideas will be reviewed by your peers, and presented to the world, where they can be seen by potential customers or employers, or people who could make them real. You will design something that may become a real business. You might get rich and famous. You will certainly have a blast.

K Design Jam can help us all be designers… but not through traditional learning. There’s no theory, no handouts, it’s not a course. It’s focused on DOING, not talking.

When is it happening?

The K Design Jam will kick off at 6pm on Friday 20 March. During the evening you’ll meet your local innovators, form teams, and pick a starting point inspired by a secret global theme. This first session will close at 9pm.

Teams will come back together again for a full day from 9.30am on Saturday 21 March, when they will throw themselves into design by getting out into the real world to discover insights and use them to start building something new. Expect this day to finish around 5pm.

On the final day, which will start from 10am on Sunday 22 March, you will collaborate with your team to improve your prototype and share it with people in your community and the world. We’ll wrap things up by 4pm on this final day.

That’s a huge time commitment, do I have to come to all of it if I want to take part?

Yes. You’ll be designing in a small team, and teams need all hands on deck to make it through the Jam.

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