Rapid Prototyping - Where Are We At?


12:00 pm - 1:00 pm

We will be joined on Thursday 10th March from 12-1pm, by a panel from industry and academia where we will discuss how early prototyping and design can lead to an enhanced user experience and how 3D printing is advancing these processes across many sectors.  Joining us will be:

  • Shane Hassett: Co-Founder of WAZP 3D Printing
  • Dr Paul Keane: Medical and Biomedical Engineering Lecturer at MTU
  • Gearoid Kearney: Discover Spaces – Inspiring the World to build Sensory Inclusive Environments.
  • Dr Fred Creedon:  Lecturer at MTU, ‘Designing Innovative Services’ Programme Director, Design Thinking & Service Design Facilitator.

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